Interpreter Recruitment


The Translating & Interpreting Service (TIS) is a charity organisation. The aim of the Service is to work towards bridging the language gap between minority communities and health & social care providers. The Service provides quality face-to-face community interpreting, translation and bilingual advocacy services within the boroughs of Barking & Dagenham, Redbridge and Havering. The Service is accessed by health & social care professionals and directly by the members of the communities. The service is well established and has strong community links.

The organisation is managed and operated by an elected Board of Trustees, a Service Manager, Translating & Interpreting Co-ordinator, Advocacy Development Coordinator, 3 Administrative Assistants and a pool of sessional Interpreters, Translators and Mental Health Advocates.

Due to the language gaps on our pool of sessional interpreters and translators, we aim to recruit a number of interpreters in a range of languages. We are always happy to receive applications from people who meet our recruitment criteria although we may not be able to invite you for an interview if there are already a large number of interpreters or translators in your language(s)

Community Interpreters

What are the selection criteria for Interpreters?

  • Interpreter-related qualifications (i.e. Community Interpreting course (Level 3), DPSI, Metropolitan Police Test Certificate); you must have one of the above qualifications.
  • 2 years experience in interpreting - preferable.
  • Membership of recognised bodies for Interpreting (the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI), AIIC preferable.
  • Some of the Duties and Responsibilities include:

    • Meet the client to establish expectations and help the client formulate requirements, where needed.
    • Interpret in the interview between the client and service provider to facilitate effective communication between client/patient and service provider staff across the barriers of language and culture.
    • Ensure the clients expressed needs have been addressed. 
    • Record any discriminatory behaviour on the part of the service provider and inform the Support & Development Officer if any further action or support is required.
    • Keep accurate records of work undertaken and prepare/submit regular reports to the Service Manager/Admin Team Leader 
    • Respect clients/patients confidentiality and not divulge any personal information without prior consent by the client/patient
    • Attend training and briefing meetings with other interpreters
    • To assist communication between members of the ethnic minority communities whose first language is not English, and service providers
    • To assist staff in meeting equitable access to services for their non-English speaking patients/clients
    • To improve equal opportunities practice in health and social care services.

    Guidance Notes

    The application form plays a critical part in the selection process, both in deciding whether you will be short-listed or not, and at the interview. It is therefore important that you complete this form as fully and accurately as possible.

    Fill in all sections of the form. Make sure it is clear and read it through carefully to check for any mistakes. Please do not attach CVs or other documents to the form, as these will not be passed to the short-listing panel. Faxed applications will not be accepted.

    Personal Section - Make sure that you complete this fully using word processor. This section is for monitoring and will not be passed to the short-listing panel.

    Education/Qualifications Section - Make sure you give all the information needed, including dates and subjects. Make clear the level of your examinations e.g., GCSE, GCE or A Level etc., and the grades that you obtained. Please include here any special skills training you may have.

    Employment Experience Section - Write here the names and addresses of your present and past employers and the dates they employed you. This section should include any part-time or temporary jobs or voluntary work.

    Additional Information Section - This is the most important section. You should state why you want to join the Service in this post and why you are a good candidate. Think carefully about why you are suitable for the post and relate your skills, knowledge and experience to the duties of the post as clearly as possible.


    If you would like to apply to join us as a freelance interpreter, please download the application form below and email it to or post it to us.

    Interpreter Application Form .doc